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Build your ultrapure solution with the most advanced UV treatment technology

Semiconductor manufacturers require ultrapure water for the wafer fabrication process. As the features on wafers become smaller and more complex, it is critical that contaminants are kept to a minimum. Any extraneous particle can result in a defect, reducing the yield of the wafer. This also holds true as the completed wafer goes through a cleansing process. The primary contaminants of concern are organic compounds (TOCs) and ultrasmall metals particles. 


For the most control over water processing we recommend a distributed system as opposed to larger chambers. RefleX UV Chambers provide the most compact and efficient UV systems for breaking up TOCs that are then removed via a deionization process.  


RefleX UV Chambers are designed with the lowest metal contact surfaces of any UV system. We also offer the next step in the evolution of UV chambers – a fully metal-free RefleX UV Chamber.

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