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Why smaller makes
a big difference

Less is more efficient

Think 70% smaller. RefleX UV Chambers out-perform standard UV systems by every measure: Size, design flexibility, fewer lamps, less mercury, less energy, cooler running temperatures all add up to lower maintenance, service and operating costs.

A highly reflective chamber requires fewer and shorter lamps in less space for a significantly more efficient flow and dosage rate.

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Reflex UV Chamber reflectivity enables the use of fewer and smaller lamps to deliver the required dose.

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Let us help size
your system

Start smart


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UV System


See how much is enough


Bigger adds up to more of everything. Most UV generated in standard systems is lost as heat – leading to more lamps, baffles, wipers, replacement and maintenance.

RefleX UV Chambers use fewer lamps and less energy thanks to patented chamber technology that reflects 99.8% of UV back into the water flow.

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