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Air Treatment

Build your solution with the most advanced UV treatment technology

Air borne contaminants have gained a higher level of attention in recent years – starting with the spread of legionella via HVAC systems to the recent outbreaks of COVID-19. These concerns have produced a number of potential treatment solutions involving UV lamps. Many of these ideas are untested and do not provide a clear level of treatment.


NeoTech Aqua engineers are integrating Reflex UV technology into chamber designs that produce optimum air flow patterns for effective UV dosage and treatment. RefleX UV reflective technology enables monitoring the dose provided to the air column, demonstrating effective air treatment. While no standards exist for air treatment systems, RefleX UV solutions are being validated at universities that have the resources to test such devices.


In another application, RefleX UV technology is also assisting companies in addressing VOC emissions by helping to avoid costly air stripper equipment installations and operations.

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