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Pipetting Samples


Build your solution with the most advanced UV treatment technology

Two RefleX UV Systems help keep
resort pools and spas luxuriously
safe and clean.

A major luxury hotel and resort currently employs two RefleX UV Systems for disinfection of swimming nella pneumophila. Combined both systems treat approximately 500 gpm and sometimes more.

Conventional Treatment

Traditionally recreational waters uses chemical treatment with chlorine levels in swimming pools ranging between 1-3 ppm. While chlorin cyanogen chloride (when urine and sweat mix with chlorine)

And hair care issues not to mention.

Monochromatic UV light at a wavelength of 254 nm inactivates microorganises, up to 12, 11, and 12 mJ/ cm2 for 3-log (99.9%) inactivation of Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and Legionella, respectively.


The RefleX UV Solution


Neotech Aqua Solutions has lead

the industry in chamber innovation

that create significant advantages By

cnimal heat dissipation.

Proven Performance

The incorporation of UV disinfection

technology for water treatment

Right-sized solutions for any size recreational water disinfection system.

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