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Uniform UV dosage

Reliable UV dosage with real-time monitoring

RefleX Chamber design creates a highly

uniform treatment without shadowing or dead spots at a lower Reynold number.

Count on uniform UV distribution.

The unique design and reflectivity

of RefleX UV Chambers assure uniform

dosage with less potential for

live transfer by eliminating baffles

or dead zones. Real-time NIST-traceable UV-intensity meters provide

proof of dosage by monitoring the

entire chamber.

Some conventional monitoring systems

use percentage intensity meters that

don’t measure within the UV spectrum,

and only typically look at one

spot on one lamp.

RefleX UV Chamber design and

measurement options provide 100%

assurance that specific disinfection

requirements are consistently met without post UV-assays or additional UVT monitors. Our monitors act as an integrating sphere, collecting the light from the entire chamber, which provides a true delivered dose. This effect has been verified through validation and university studies.

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Let us help size
your system

Start smart


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Right-size UV system guide


See how much is enough


The unique design of RefleX UV Chambers enables 100% dosage assurance using fewer and smaller lamps, less power with minimal heat dissipation.

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